Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to renew your PRC license.

The Professional Identification Card issued by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in Manila, Philippines expires every 3 years. Mine expired 2 years ago and its about time I have it renewed.

Before heading to the PRC, best be prepared with the following:
1. Your old PRC ID. If yours was lost but is still current (not yet expired), secure a notarized copy of an Affidavit of Loss. If your ID was lost but is no longer current, no need for an Affidavit of Loss as long as you know your License Number. IDs that are destroyed shall be surrendered to the PRC.
2. Photocopy of your recent PRC ID. Again, no need for this if you no longer have your ID with you.
3. Two pieces passport size picture. Should be close up, colored, taken in white background with complete name tag. No need for the PRC logo on the background. (Some photo shops claim it's essential but it's not.)
4. Ballpoint pen.
5. Paste or glue. (You have to glue 1 of your pictures on the application form so bring one! Unless you have colds... if you know what I mean.)

Note that wearing shorts, sandos and slippers are not allowed inside the PRC premises.

***Beware of fixers! People outside the PRC premises may offer to have your license renewed for you. Never, never, never entertain them!***

1. Secure and accomplish an Application for Professional Identification Card form. (Available at window R, left side, right after the entrance.)
2. Attach one of your picture on the accomplished form and submit it to window 17 or 18.
3. Once your form is validated, head to the cashier for payment. My renewal cost was Php810 without courier delivery. But that's because I was penalized for renewing late.
4. You will be issued an official receipt upon payment. On the claim slip part of the form, write the following information found on your OR: Amount, OR No., and Date paid. Now take the form back to window 17 or 18.
5. Your form will be validated again. When all is good, they will give you the claim slip with the date when you can claim your ID. (That is if you didn't opt for delivery.) DON'T LOSE THE CLAIM SLIP!

I forgot to ask how much the charge is for courier delivery so you might want to ask them.

  • You may designate a representative to renew your license on your behalf. Just furnish your representative with a signed authorization letter from you, along with a  photocopy of 2 of your IDs.
  • After filling up your form, you may opt to head to the cashier first and pay the renewal fee before heading to window 17 or 18 for verification if the lines are not that long.
  • Obviously, you don't have to wait for your license to expire before renewing.